“Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.”  

-Peter Drucker

Courageous leaders are in high demand and in short supply.

Great business strategy comes from the clash of ideas. Hashing out ideas to come up with better ideas. And then Big Ideas that move you ahead of your competitors. To get there you need leaders with courage. Courage to speak up and say what they REALLY think and REALLY believe.

But in too many companies courage is severely lacking. Why? One reason is that people don’t want to make waves. They can be timid and risk averse. Many cut off honest dialogue and stop the critcal thinking process in the strategy room.

Political correctness in business is the elevation of sensitivity over truth. And you need truth spoken in your strategy room so you can execute realistic bold moves in order to scale your business. Most of the time in business you only get in trouble for telling the truth. When you do people tend to lose their minds—at LeaderFinders we tell the truth anyway. If you want that kind of honest strategic leadership, we should talk.

Interim and fractional leadership can reboot sales and marketing business growth strategy.

At LeaderFinders, we’ve held senior leadership roles as CEOs, CMOs, VP of Business Growth Strategy, Director of New Business Development and Chief Strategy Officer. On the non-profit side, we’ve served on boards and held positions as Executive Directors. 

We’ve led business growth strategies for Pizza Hut, Life Time Fitness, Southwest Airlines, Renewal by Anderson, Hemablock, Direct TV, Bose, RF Technologies, Life Lock, Select Comfort, Cirrus Aircraft, Spreading Hope Network, Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Fairmont Hotels, Free Wheelchair Mission and many others. To learn more please reach out to our Chief Marketing Strategist Tim Finley. His email is tfinley@leaderfinders.com

Executive Deliverables:

Business Growth Strategy | Big Idea Creative Frameworks | New Business Ideation | Performance Marketing Platforms | Sales Enablement | Account Based Marketing (ABM) | Narratives & Storytelling | Creative Account Planning | Consultative Platform Selling | Writing Commercial Insights | Customer Experience (CX) | Digital CEO | Direct Response CMO | Non-Profit ED | B2B | B2C | New Business Development | Leadership Transitions

The weakness of a leader is proportionate to the number of truths that must be kept from them.

Eric Hoffer

Longshoreman and Philosopher